Why does our team suggest stainless steel crowns for pediatric patients?

Dental crowns, also known as tooth caps, can be an excellent solution when either extensive decay is present or a tooth comes into the mouth malformed/poorly formed and sensitive. The stainless steel cap restores the missing tooth structure by completely surrounding the remaining tooth. It is recommended that the natural teeth remain in the smile as long as possible, but large cracks or fillings may compromise the structure of a tooth and leave it susceptible to further damage–and even extraction! This is why our team at smiles4children in  Catonsville,  Ellicott City, and the Eldersburg areas is committed to providing the placement of dental crowns for children who need protection for their natural teeth.

What type of crown is used at smiles4children?

Our team of dentists may recommend stainless steel dental crowns for pediatric patients. Stainless steel crowns are explicitly designed with children in mind, as they are made with a metal alloy that is both strong, durable, and hypoallergenic. This type of crown also requires less time to place than more complex materials such as porcelain or gold (they are usually placed in one visit). Additionally, stainless steel dental crowns provide excellent protection from further damage while keeping the tooth intact.

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