Expectations of Preventative Care Visits

The Importance of Pediatric Oral Hygiene Treatments and Dental Cleanings

At smiles4children in the Catonsville, Ellicott City, and Eldersburg areas, our pediatric dentists work with young patients to provide the best oral hygiene care and attention needed to lay the foundation for healthy teeth and gums. Pediatric oral hygiene treatments and teeth cleanings performed at smiles4children can help remove plaque and tartar that can develop on the teeth and gums and prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay. Our dentists highly recommend regular check-ups to monitor a child’s oral health over time. It’s important for our team to provide proper monitoring and care.

What should my child expect at their routine oral hygiene visit?

At smiles4children, we focus on ensuring our pediatric patients understand the importance of having good oral hygiene. Our practice offers treatments that can assist children in maintaining healthy smiles, including healthy teeth and gums. This is what you can expect when you visit for preventative care appointments:

Examination of teeth and gums.

At your child’s oral hygiene appointment, we conduct a comprehensive examination of their teeth, gums, and mouth. The visit may include taking dental x-rays to check the oral health of the teeth.  These images also help us diagnose conditions that cannot be seen during a physical evaluation. We also inquired about their dental care routine, including brushing and flossing. As part of our complete head and neck examination.        

Dental cleaning and oral hygiene instruction.

– Maintaining long-term oral health relies on proper prevention.

After a dental cleaning with our dental hygienists, children will be educated on caring for their teeth and gums to reduce the risk of developing cavities and periodontal disease. We finish with a topical fluoride varnish to prevent cavities and keep teeth strong.

– Growth and development evaluation.

We closely monitor a child’s dental and craniofacial growth and development patterns. Just like at the pediatrician’s office, we evaluate your child to be sure they are meeting their appropriate growth milestones. We review how they are growing and make recommendations as needed. We will also discuss how to address the changes that happen when the baby teeth are lost and the permanent adult teeth come in.

– Recommendations and feedback.

Once the visit is complete, we talk with parents so they know where their child is in their oral health and hygiene journey. We may review any particular treatments that might be suggested, such as dental extractions, fillings, or restorative treatments if necessary.

– Questions and follow-up.

After your child’s appointment, feel free to inquire about any concerns you may have regarding their oral health and well-being. Additionally, you can ask about ways to maintain a healthy smile for life. Setting the proper foundation for caring for the teeth and gums is the best way to ensure results for a lifetime!

What age should my child have their first dental cleaning?

Our team follows the recommendations of the American Pediatric Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, and American Dental Association, who recommend a child’s 1st visit by their 1st birthday. This first appointment is an excellent way for parents to learn about their baby’s oral health and ensure they are educating their children on the importance of good dental habits. After the first appointment, patients should return every six months for a cleaning and evaluation.

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