Why a pediatric dental team may recommend dental extractions

Several situations may arise in which a pediatric dental team might recommend primary or permanent tooth extraction or removal. At smiles4children, our team may recommend this when specific issues have developed with respect to your child’s smile. Below are just a few of the situations that may require dental extractions to be performed:

●   Preparation for orthodontic treatment. For some patients, an orthodontist may recommend premature extraction of baby teeth in order to provide the permanent tooth with a better eruption path. This is often seen with patients who have extensive crowding. In even more severe crowding, the orthodontist may recommend extraction of a permanent tooth to allow for proper alignment within the dental arch

●   Severe tooth decay. A child with significant tooth decay that leaves the tooth unrestorable may warrant the removal of a primary or permanent tooth. These teeth are often beyond repair and cannot be treated with conventional options such as a crown, filling, or pulpal therapy.

●   Infection or abscesses. Trauma and dental decay can sometimes result in infection and abscess. These infections can cause oral and facial pain if left untreated. If, after comprehensive efforts have been made to restore the tooth there still remains a risk that dental infection could spread to surrounding structures, a dental extraction will be recommended. In some severe instances, an oral antibiotic may be recommended in conjunction with an eventual extraction, but that is only designed to treat the surrounding structures in order to make the extraction more comfortable for the patient. 

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