Our Personalized Approach
& What to Expect

Examine Teeth & Gums

We will provide a thorough exam of your child’s teeth, mouth, and oral hygiene. As part of our Comprehensive head and neck examination, we will review with you your child’s mouth, teeth, and overall oral hygiene and discuss age-appropriate growth and development milestones.

Recommendations & Feedback

We like parents to be aware of their child’s dental health and pride ourselves on great communication with our patients and parents. We will review any treatment recommendations with you and provide feedback on overall dental hygiene.

Dental Cleaning & Oral Hygiene Instruction

The best way to maintain long-term oral health is a strong emphasis on prevention. Your child will receive a proper dental cleaning catered to their specific needs. A topical fluoride will also be applied. A large part of our prevention program includes their cleaning and a review of proper home care with specific guidance on areas in need of improvement.

We want your first visit
to be as positive as possible.

Along with every appointment, we will make sure to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s dental experience. If your child was seen for a restorative or emergency treatment, our doctors will provide extensive follow up.

We want your first visit
to be as positive as possible.

Fussing or crying is an age-appropriate behavior for some children
and does not determine a positive or negative experience.

Routine Visits &
Preventative Care


Oral Hygiene Review

Our visits always start with a tooth check – we’ll check in with the child and parents on how things have been going since their last visit and perform a dental examination.


Oral Hygiene Review

We then perform a thorough cleaning to help keep teeth healthy and happy, including any needed X-rays. We then finish with fluoride varnish to prevent cavities and keep teeth strong.


Oral Hygiene Review

Before you head home, we make sure to answer any questions you might have and get you set up for your next wellness visit.

Our Services

Dentist explaining dental hygine

Routine Visits & Preventative Care

Dentist treating a kid

Treatment Visits & Restorative Care

Happy child at dental

Elective Treatments

Behavior Guidance Techniques

When our cheerful chair-side manner isn’t enough, we offer additional options to help patients be more comfortable with a dental procedure, with the goal of creating a positive dental visit.
Nitrous Oxide: “Laughing Gas,” an odorless gas that is an effective means for managing minor pain and anxiety. It comes in flavored masks the patient can take home.

Conscious Sedation: A medicine given by the doctor by mouth (orally) that more profoundly relaxes a patient. The patient is NOT “put to sleep”; however, many patients are relaxed enough that they fall asleep while being carefully monitored.

General Anesthesia: In the event, a patient’s dental or medical needs far outweigh what they can tolerate in an office setting, we have the privilege to take the patient to the hospital to complete their treatment.

Elective Treatment & Adjunctive Care


We offer mouthguards for children who play high-impact sports, as well as children who may clench or grind their teeth.

Opalescence Go Whitening

A prescription-strength whitening system that comes with premade trays and whitening gel for ten days of bleaching.

Pola Home Bleaching

A prescription-strength, custom-made system with trays and bleach for ten days of treatment that does not have the negative side effect of teeth sensitivity.

Emergency Treatment

We are here to help with any dental emergency ranging from mild discomfort to dental trauma resulting from an accident or injury. Since emergencies occur at all hours, we provide on-call coverage by our experienced doctors on nights and weekends.
To reach us after hours, please call any location to be connected with a doctor on call.