Pediatric bleaching options

At smiles4children in the Catonsville, Ellicott City, and Eldersburg communities, we know that a beautiful smile is important in today’s society. Children with dark, discolored teeth may be incredibly self-conscious when socializing with others. This includes covering their teeth when they talk or smile. Our team is pleased to offer solutions for our young patients to help boost self-esteem, including professional-strength pediatric bleaching options.

Why should I whiten my child’s teeth?

Children with yellowed or stained teeth might feel embarrassed about how they look. They may dread picture day at daycare or school or may cover their mouth when talking to their friends. Older children, especially teens, are often very aware of their appearance and may be less confident if their smile is imperfect. Fortunately, smiles4children offers home whitening solutions to consider for your child! We are pleased to provide our Opalescence Go whitening kits or Pola home bleaching system. Both use customized dental trays and prescription-strength bleaching gels for a brighter smile. However, patients with more issues regarding sensitivity may find the Pola option more appropriate for their unique needs.

Which one is right for my child?

If your child has sensitive teeth, we may recommend our Pola whitening, which reduces or eliminates sensitivity common with professional-strength bleaching gels. When used as advised, most children can boost the color of their teeth by several shades in about one week’s time and maintain the results with continued touch-ups.

Consider the benefits of professional teeth whitening!

If your child needs to boost their confidence when dull, discolored, and yellowed teeth are a concern, it may be time to talk to the dentists at smiles4children about the benefits of treatments such as professional teeth whitening. Elective services such as this can rebuild self-esteem when your child needs it the most! Call one of our three office locations to request a consultation appointment and learn more about this and other cosmetic treatments available at our offices.

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