Top Pediatric Dentist – Baltimore Magazine 2015

Grit your teeth every time you get an appointment reminder? Your new dentist is on this list.

Just in time to remind you to schedule another checkup, our annual Top Dentists survey is back. Now in its sixth year, our list of 150 winners reflects the dentists who their peers—that is, other dentists in the metro area—think are the best in each of eight specialties. And to complement the survey results, we take you into the future of dentistry with a look at the advances in the field that are still in the lab but tantalizingly close to reality.

HOW WE DID IT: We surveyed more than 2,000 dentists in Baltimore and the five surrounding counties over the course of several months. Assisting us was our adviser, Dr. Joanne Block Rief. Winning dentists needed to be accepting new patients. An asterisk denotes the dentist receiving the most number of peer recommendations in his or her specialty.

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